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 Dan Holcomb: General Tire Adds (1943-1945)

National Geographic; Saturday Evening Post.

Successful illustrator throughout the late 1930s with national ad campaigns for General Tire, Royal Cravats, Mazda Lamps, Listerine, Etiquet. Covers for Collier’s, American Weekly Saturday Home, Liberty; interior art for Sunday Pictorial Review, Tower Radio Magazine. By the 1950s, his commercial illustration career is over. Also known as D B Holcomb, he signed his work with his last name or simply “H.”

What an interesting way to sell something as mundane as tires.


Baryé Philips: The End Of Violence

"The End Of Violence"; Ben Benson (1960)

Bantam Mystery 2067

Cover Art: Baryé Philips.

Young state trooper Ralph Lindsey is this time involved in two seemingly separate incidents; the quickly solved- and confessed by his wife- murder of a drifter, Henry Lade; and the arrest of a couple of punks who rough up a sixteen year old girl. Working with, but not always approving, the methods of Joe Sewell, an older man on the force, the arrest of the two delinquent youths rebounds against them and Lindsey and Sewell are brought to trial. Their exoneration also clears up some incomplete evidence in the murder case…. One of the best in this series, efficiently exciting”.


Raphael DeSoto (1962) Adventure 04-52 on Flickr.

Raphael DeSoto

Adventure magazine, April 1965

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Mort Künstler (1961) The Four Who Escaped From The Infamous Tan Toey Barracks

Mort Künstler

"The Four Who Escaped From The Infamous Tan Toey Barracks"

Male magazine, January 1961.

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Mort Künstler (1955)  ”We Found The Paiute Gold”

Mort Künstler

"We Found The Paiute Gold"

Men magazine, may 1955

[Künstler re-did the bottom-right corner, replacing the fallen native man with a blonde woman. This modified image was used as the cover of the April 1971 issue of Male magazine].

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Mort Künstler (1968) Discotheque Takeover Of The Savage Corrupters

Mort Künstler

"Discotheque Takeover Of The Savage Corrupters"

For Men Only magazine, January 1968

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Rudolph Belarski (1951) Jailbait

Rudolph Belarski

"Jailbait"; William Bernard (1951)

Popular Library 392

Popular Library 743; Published 1956

THIS BOOK bares the truth about one of America’s gravest problems. Covering the field of child crime and vice, it reports on gang degeneracy schoolgirl scandal teen-age “rackets” and prostitution. It dramatically presents the shocking facts about deliquency, together with a new and penetrating theory of its origins. Significant remedies are suggested, in line with the psychological and sociological environment of today. 

Here are disclosures to wake up American parents! Few realize the extent to which degradation grips a good part of the youth of this country not only in underprivileged urban areas, but also among the girls and boys of our small towns and farmlands. The author reveals frankly the traps and pitfalls which beset children and adolescents of both sexes; he shows the “escapes,” the psychological quirks, the maladjustments which, too often neglected, lead youth into trouble. He shows the seductive influence of criminal elements preying on America’s children. In short, he brings the whole question of juvenile delinquency into the open, where it belongs!

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Mort Künstler (1968) Crashout From Sin Captive Compound

Mort Künstler

"Crashout From Sin Captive Compound"

Male magazine, February 1968.

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Mort Künstler (1965) Miss Floating Love

Mort Künstler

"Miss Floating Love"

For Men Only magazine, November 1965.

[Cover: Yank Airman Who Helped Save The Saipan Invasion]

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Mort Küntsler (1956) The Hardboiled Lineup

Mort Künstler

"The Hardboiled Lineup" (1956)

Contains stories by Vin Packer [Marijane Meaker], and Gil Brewer.

Lion Library

An artist doing to different paintings for the front and back covers.