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Howell Dodd (1952): Play Rough

'Play Rough'; Rick Wayne

 Rainbow Book #113 (1952)

Cover art: Howell Dodd


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Rudy Nappi (1956) Backwoods Hussy

'Backwoods Hussy'; Hallam Whitney [AKA Harry Whittington]

Star Novel #762 (1956)

Cover art: Rudy Nappi.


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Howell Dodd? (1952): Red Headed Wench

'Red Headed Wench'; Tom Stone [AKA Florence Stonebraker].

Rainbow Book #112; 1952 

Cover art: not credited [believed to be by Howell Dodd].


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Howell Dodd (1953) Crime 03 53 on Flickr.

Girl On Parole

Crime magazine, March 1953.

Cover art: Howell Dodd

The Human Tragedy Of Life In The Prison Without Bars

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Howell Dodd (1952) Lay Down and Die!

'Lay Down and Die!'; Mark Reed

Falcon #26, 1952.

Cover art: Howell Dodd

When Johnny Murdoc, Tough Cop, Meets Lady Mayhem, Tougher Dame, The Result Is Dynamite… And Death!


Glen Orbik: Easy Death

"Easy Death"; Daniel Boyd

Hard Case Crime; November 2014

Cover art: Glen Orbik

‘Tis the season…

It takes guts and good luck to pull off an armored car robbery, and Walter and Eddie have both. But getting the money and getting away with it are two different things, especially with a blizzard coming down, the cops in hot pursuit, and a double-crossing gambler and a sadistic park ranger threatening to turn this white Christmas blood red…

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Robert McGinnis: Quarry’s Choice

"Quarry’s Choice"; Max Allan Collins

Hard Case Crime, January 2015

Cover art: Robert McGinnis

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Baryé Phillips/Glen Orbik: Thieves Fall Out

'Thieves Fall Out'; Cameron Kay [Gore Vidal]

Gold Medal Books 311 (1953).

Cover Ar: Baryé Phillips

'Thieves Fall Out'; Gore Vidal

Hard Case Crime, 2015

Cover Art: Glen Orbik

Through rioting, flaming Cairo they fought for a Queen’s ransom.


[The Way I Like It!] Midlife Crisis Vol. 1 (0010): First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes #midlifecrisis

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Harry Barton (1960) ‘Manhanded’

'Manhandled'; Whitman Chambers

Monarch Books 156, 1960

Cover Art: Harry Barton

She Had Nothing To Lose But Her Reputation.

When pretty Sally Winters found herself stranded in the wide-open town of Hahia Cruz, the reckless Marlowe brothers took a more than brotherly interest in the lush blonde’s predicament.

Charlie Marlowe thought Sally was virginally innocent, and offered to marry her. Money-mad Eric saw her as a choice piece of merchandise, to be bought, used and resold. Cynical Mark sensed that Sally was as hip as a beatnik, and meant to prove it before his brothers’ very eyes.

But it was Geza de Roche, suave operator of “the hottest club west of Paris” who offered Sally the daring proposition which proved how far a “lost” girl would go to get out of Mexico!